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HOSA Partnership

AARC has committed to a premier partnership with HOSA in 2024, to bring respiratory therapy to more than 280,000 students and advisors though curricula and competitions at the state and national level.

We need your help to grow and promote the profession, and HOSA event involvement is one piece of the puzzle. Get involved today! AARC state affiliates and RTs can help by:

  • Serving as a primary local respiratory therapy resource
  • Coordinating representation at HOSA events by exhibiting and/or hosting workshops
  • Visiting HOSA classrooms and sharing resources
  • Hosting HOSA students on your campus for interactive respiratory therapy activities
  • Assisting HOSA advisors and answering questions
  • Volunteering as a mentor or competition judge at local and national HOSA events

Grants Available

A fund has been established to assist state societies who wish to participate in state-level HOSA conferences, competitions and related events. A maximum $200 grant is now available to each state affiliate, per year. The grant can be applied to costs related to exhibiting, presenting and workshopping at HOSA events.
Request funds.

Grab a Toolkit to Get Started

Our HOSA toolkits provide information on how to get started, prepared assets, and information for booth trunk rentals (affiliates only). We’ve also created a document filled with need-to-know information for HOSA advisors and student resources.

Questions? Email us at marketing@aarc.edu.

HOSA student resources

Are you competing in a HOSA competition? We’re here to help! The AARC has what you need to get ready for your next competition. First, reference the HOSA guidelines for students competing. Then scroll down to see videos showing the skills you’ll need to demonstrate.

Other helpful resources:

You can find additional resources on the AARC website: